This spring I traveled to Northern California to visit the Redwood forests there. The giant trees are worlds in themselves and seem like dream creatures to my desert mind. For this series I have the good fortune of collaborating with Mark Collins, a musician and artist from Arcata, CA.

watch the coast go by that other, uninhabited world unknown Obscured by billowing dust, it drifts in and out of visibility a bland whiteout a dark mass each one stood in quiet On a bright, raw morning we were trapped in cloud in tall purple grass with tidal waves of stone poised overhead. far below […]

Water, divided Here is a link to another blog of mine, which has to do with a project that I’ve been working on since June 2013, which has to do with… water.  Having acquired a great amount of information, I’m now in the process of figuring out where this project goes next.

some things from the studio, a set on Flickr. Here are some things that happened in the last year or so…

The Woods


Los Angeles exists as a major city because of water siphoned there from Owens Valley, hundreds of miles away.  Far from the city itself, the water runs through pipes, under ground, over mountains.  The abrasive desert environment continually acts upon the aqueduct’s infrastructure, causing it to be constantly in the process of becoming a ruin, a monument to the fragility of America’s 2nd largest city.


The compression of time, space, and images.  Here are some older works, 2009-2011.